Maternity Management


The maternity program focuses on the needs of the expectant mother during a period of great physical and emotional changes.

Comprehensive Program

The Maternity Management program is tailored to address topics and concerns that are important to expectant mothers, such as weight gain, exercise limits, dental hygiene, doctor visits, medical procedures, and medications, symptoms of pre-term labor, family support and depression. By providing timely, individualized education and support to members, the maternity nurses address risks that contribute to pre-term births, pregnancy complications and lengthy hospital stays. These educational resources help mothers care for their own health and the health of their growing families.

Managing Changes

Our Registered Nurse Specialists focus on supporting the expectant mother during this time by providing education on changes that are occurring, how to manage some of the changes such as weight gain, nausea and vomiting, ankle swelling just to name a few. The Registered Nurse Specialists provides specialized education for mothers considered high risk associated with pre-term labor, pregnancy complications and lengthy hospital stays. They address individualized concerns and questions in preparation for delivery. They also support the mothers as they transition to home with their infants with a postpartum call to assure a smooth transition and to address any questions that arise about infant feeding and general care, family adjustments and screening for postpartum depression.