Disease Management


With the right support, people with chronic diseases or conditions can learn how to manage their symptoms and even slow the progression of their illnesses. They can become the best versions of themselves with support from Carewise Health’s disease management team.

Carewise Health’s Disease Management team is staffed by Registered Nurse Specialists

Registered Nurse Specialists provide one-on-one telephonic support that builds a personal relationship with the member. They help members develop self-care skills and establish new health habits that will have a lasting impact. Members learn how to overcome the specific daily challenges they face in following their physician’s treatment plan, taking medications as prescribed and putting healthy lifestyle behaviors into practice. Members learn the lifelong skills they need to manage their condition for the long term.


Everyone faces a unique set of obstacles to achieving what is best for their health. We provide friendly, award-winning materials that help them take the steps that lead to a higher quality of life. The engaging curriculum is based in behavioral science concepts proven to build motivation and confidence and prepare members to make successful lifestyle changes. Members can also receive quarterly communications specific to their chronic condition that highlights healthy behaviors and showcases inspiring stories.


Our disease management programs are URAC accredited. URAC’s mission is to promote continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of healthcare management through processes of accreditation, education, and measurement. Carewise Health’s program is accredited in all core disease states as defined by the Disease Management Association of America.