NurseLine 24/7 - Health Advocacy


Telephonic Triage – We Are Always There

The Nurse Line is available 24/7, 365 days a year and serves as a basic foundation for many of the other internal programs available at Carewise Health. The Carewise Health Nurse Line is a service that provides accurate, consistent medical information using physician authored clinical guidelines.

The program provides:

  • Telephonic triage and health counseling delivered by registered nurses with certification in telephone triage
    • Self-care and/or home treatment instructions
    • Guidance on when to seek care and the time frame needed
    • Assistance finding a medical home or in network facility
    • Escalation to Emergency Services
  • General health information, shared decision making, prevention, lifestyle counseling and assistance in navigating an often confusing health care system. We'll answer questions and email free additional information. The nurses can also connect callers to recorded information concerning hundreds of topics
  • Navigational assistance and collaboration with other benefits available to the member, such as finding an in network provider or facility and referrals to other client specific programs that would be of value to the members
  • Partnerships to assists members make better health care choices
  • Translation services in over 145 languages

Health Advocacy- Care Coordination

When members are feeling fine, our Nurse Line can help keep them that way. When there are questions about health topics (nutrition, prenatal care, smoking cessation, etc.), the nurses help with resolving health issues in a timely manner.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which to choose- call the nurse, urgent care or ER - but there’s a big difference in time and money. After-hours nurse support is valuable by providing advice when the regular doctor’s office is closed or when members just aren’t sure what to do. We’ll, for example, get a call in the middle of the night about a crying baby. Our nurses help decide next steps. The nurse’s calm, reassuring voice can make all the difference. The nurse will ask the right questions and listen to concerns. We’ll help members choose where and when to get treatment, or provide information on treating a minor illness or injury at home.

A nurse can provide assistance if needed on locating an in-network facility such as urgent care or ER. In the event of a true emergency, callers will be instructed to call 911 or their local emergency number.

The nurse will follow up with the member to ensure the problem is being resolved and may refer them to other programs and services for a more holistic experience and coordination of care. The nurse line is the first point of contact in reviewing the member’s overall health and promoting programs and resources that would bring additional value to their overall health and wellness.