Data Warehousing


We Made Investments so You Don’t Have To.

Data warehousing and analytics used to be restricted to larger organizations because it was cost prohibitive. We provide data warehousing to support timely, accurate analysis and reporting. Our data warehousing provides a secure, stable architecture in which even the most complex data can be structured and streamlined. Our automated processes eliminate errors in reporting and increase reporting speed, so you can identify and address issues sooner. We produce results where the quality of each result is enhanced. We use our enriched models and comparative results from much large data sets in our data warehouse. We have over 100M clinical experience data sets that provides an environment to develop highly accurate models and algorithms.

Our technology exploits the speed and processing power of distributed computing and parallel processing. Our proprietary processing platform processes massive data at processing speeds that are necessary to obtain the level of correlation and predictive analytics results in a timely and efficient manner. This highly-scalable, failure-resistant data management solution allows customers the flexibility to avoid costly internal changes to legacy IT infrastructure, and ensure their data retains the high value inherent in their production data sets. 

Through data warehousing, you receive:

  • An assessment of your data infrastructure and operations
  • Assurance that your information is secure
  • Applications that manage your data compiling and reporting