Technology and Data Services

Carewise Health gives our customers access to proprietary technologies and data services in support of our solutions. 

First and foremost, Carewise Health securely ingests, assembles, maintains and processes customer data in our Minneapolis data center. Carewise Health and customers complete a bi-lateral data and infrastructure security assessment as the first step in delivering services; this assessment is routinely updated. 

Carewise Health runs proprietary applications against customer data sets, and arrays, reports and provides access to that data in support of our solutions.  Our nurse clinicians use the results in delivering their services and results. 

How we work

We bring structure to large quantities of formless data, putting it into a format that can be analyzed. We can provide an analysis for a single query … or develop an ongoing conversation with your data. We also can create a customized solution somewhere in between.

We intake, store and process your data on our highly secure platform, providing timely, accurate compilation, feeds and reporting. Our predictive analytics use big data technology and integrated data architecture to cleanse, enrich and warehouse data. For analyses, we combine traditional medical data with non-traditional data sources to gain deeper insights into behaviors and patterns. Perhaps best of all, there is no need to purchase software or hardware to use our data services. The use of machine learning techniques to enhance the predictability of data results in embedded in our proprietary algorithms. 

You can be assured that privacy and data security measures are incorporated into every aspect of the information management lifecycle. A feedback loop results in a self-refining process, ensuring that information is up to date and accurate.

What it means

With our big data technology, you can gain insights to drive better health outcomes, improved financial results and science-based business strategies.

Our unique capabilities mean you can:

  • See a more complete picture of the business
  • Predict and assess risk more accurately 
  • Arrive at better decisions
  • Achieve better program design while reducing cost

How we’re different

Rather than looking solely at the clinical situation, data provides deep understanding of behavior, interactions and patterns that can inform more effective, customized solutions. While many organizations have large sets of data, they don’t have the technological resources or analytic expertise to fully utilize their data. Carewise Health is transforming the field of healthcare data by merging care management with health analytics and big data technology to provide a suite of services designed to make the most of data resources. 

Our key differences include: 

  • Proprietary tools for data intake, enrichment and warehousing
  • A focus on content, completeness and relevance of data during intake
  • Applications to quickly and accurately process enriched data sets
  • Willingness to provide data services independently of care management services

Our proprietary algorithms allow us to perform true risk and intervention modeling at the patient level, provider level and facility level on a large scale, leading to improved plan utilization, optimal cost savings and elimination of unnecessary or ineffective treatment.