Clinical and Behavioral Care Management, Coordination and Outcomes

Carewise Health helps people build the skills that lead to better, sustainable health. We engage members in personally relevant programs that reduce risks

Solutions and Programs

Our nurse clinicians are supported by the most advanced technologies in order to assist clients in improving their health and to impact the risk related to their members’ clinical outcomes.

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Our Registered Nurse Specialists are the core staff of our Utilization Management, Care Management, Disease Management and Wellness programs.

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Carewise Health has an exclusive contract with Certilytics, Inc. to deploy proprietary data analytic models to support Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity product offerings.

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Market Segments

Carewise Health is a technology-enabled provider of specialized services to the employer, health plan, government and provider market segments.

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Experience Carewise Health

How we engage

Carewise Health “Looking Glass” Interactive Portal
Open 24/7, the web portal hosts health programs, tools and resources for every type of learner. Refreshed and personalized, it supports those who want to stay healthy and those who want to get healthier. Members can ask questions of health experts at any time.

Wellness programs
A personal health coach works with the member to create a personalized plan and sets regular phone appointments. A workbook and journal help members on their journeys.

Disease management
A nurse specialist works with members by telephone to manage chronic illnesses and make lifelong changes. The nurse may bring in specialists in related areas such as nutrition or smoking cessation for extra support.

Members love tracking activity with this wearable device and engaging with others inside and outside the organization for encouragement and support.

Many Carewise Health services are available on mobile devices, including Personal Health Assessments and Fitbit engagement.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
Available in all formats, including mobile, this survey gives your wellness team critical insights into your population’s health.

What it means for clients

Producing clear results
As your single source for health and wellness programs, Carewise Health provides analytics that help the C-suite see the overall picture of health investments in the organization. With this knowledge, you can plan and invest wisely to truly impact financial performance. With a full spectrum of products and services that contain healthcare costs all under one roof, vendor management is greatly streamlined. You can dial up or dial down services as you gauge results. And employees aren’t confused by “flavor of the day” health offerings from various vendors. With consistently branded programs and a unified approach, they’ll know that good health is an ongoing, focused priority of their employer.

How we’re different

The technology to thrive
Using proprietary technology that provides unparalleled visibility into results, Carewise Health is reinventing care management. In partnership with our sister company, we provide clients with the most advanced big data technology. That means you can apply data and get the most precise pattern recognition, predictive analysis, in-depth review of risks and predictive outcomes available in the industry. Our technological advancements extend to member experiences as well. Carewise Health nurses and coaches build relationships with members by telephone, and our technology supports those relationships at every turn.