Nurse Clinician Field Audits


Single Source Solution

Our proprietary analytics identify those cases that should be considered for field nurse audits. This proprietary identification and selection process in critical to achieving a higher percentage of successful recoveries, and ensure nurse auditors are investing their time and effort most productively and measurable reduces provider abrasion.

The audit process starts with a thorough understanding of data, claims systems, existing prevention and recovery techniques, and provider networks. We’ll use our team of analytical and clinical professionals to construct the scope of work that bests suits your needs.

Our goal in integrating our service is to find the balance the integration of our services with yours, improve internal knowledge and controls, while respecting contractual obligations with provider networks. We are your recovery team.

Our field staff of clinical professionals handles all issues with records requests, document management and the creation of documents substantiating our findings. The field auditors are part of a team of data scientists, biostatisticians, public health professionals, nurses and physicians that support the important work in the field.