Carewise Health Announces New Initiative in Medicaid Managed Care Payment Integrity

August 12, 2014

Carewise Health announced today they have established a distinct business and technology unit to assist state governments in designing and implementing Payment Integrity initiatives for their Medicaid and dual-eligible programs. This initiative has been implemented in conjunctions with the use of QEC (Quality, Efficacy, Cost) proprietary modeling from Healthcare Analytics Services Holdings Inc. (HAS). The combination of using sophisticated analytics and modeling tools to identify provider practice patterns and compare those with other practice features will provide states with a highly accurate and unique tool. Importantly, Carewise Health will use their proprietary Data Management services to ensure that all state data sets are highly accurate and reliable prior to processing through QEC and completion of nurse field audits. 

About Carewise Health, Inc.
Carewise Health uses the most experienced nurse clinicians to carry out our Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity services to customers. They are backed up by data and behavioral scientists, engineers and information technologists to ensure they are using the most reliable data and the most advanced technology to support their efforts. Carewise Health has the experience to manage large, complex customers. Carewise Health has one of the largest data repositories and hubs to use in creating unique models and algorithms in support of our products and services. Visit for more information.

About Healthcare Analytics Services Holdings, Inc.
Healthcare Analytics Services Holdings, Inc. offers large, complex customers high value services and products.  They offer four standard commercial analytic models and customized models using our data and behavioral scientist to design a unique analytic framework and model to meet a specific business inquiry.   The company evolved from the ground-breaking modeling, mathematical and analytical work developed by a team of actuaries, data and behavioral scientist and key technology vendors.

Kevin Scarborough

Chief Administrative Officer

Carewise Health, Inc.