Carewise Health and Healthcare Analytics Services Holdings Inc. Jointly Announce Investment in Open Source Platform

April 17, 2014

Carewise Health announced today that they had made a major capital commitment to use Hadoop open source platform to operate their Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity Business Unit.

The investment supports their creation and use of proprietary algorithms and a significant data warehouse, with access to over 300M health care records to generate unique results. Our data and behavioral scientist design models and algorithms that result in highly predictive results about medical consumer current and future behavior. By combining the use of large data sets that synthesize health care and non-health care enriched data sets with proprietary clinical, statistical and behavioral algorithms, we deliver useable predictive results for health plans, employers, governments and health system providers. The insights, outputs and formulas are used to impact the clinical and financial performance of individual members, providers and underwriters

About Carewise Health, Inc.
Carewise Health uses the most experienced nurse clinicians to carry out our Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity services to customers. They are backed up by data and behavioral scientists, engineers and information technologists to ensure they are using the most reliable data and the most advanced technology to support their efforts. Carewise Health has the experience to manage large, complex customers. Carewise Health has one of the largest data repositories and hubs to use in creating unique models and algorithms in support of our products and services. Visit for more information.

Kevin Scarborough

Chief Administrative Officer

Carewise Health, Inc.