Carewise Health Announces New Payment Integrity Customer

June 01, 2014

Carewise Health announced today that Anthem/WellPoint has selected Carewise Health to partner with Healthcare Analytics Services Holdings, Inc. to initiate a new Payment Integrity program in selected commercial markets.  The statement of work contemplates the use of HAS QEC (Quality, Efficacy, Cost) proprietary analytics tools to identify those cases for nurse audits in a more accurate and effective manner.

Cheri Moehring commented “We believe the combination of Carewise highly experienced nurse auditors with HAS sophisticated analytics will benefit both Anthem and all providers within Anthem networks by adopting a Payment Integrity effort based on more powerful analytics, consistency in audit procedures,  and highly reliable data sets. We expect providers to be very cooperative with this new, more rigorous and consistent approach to retrospective audits.”

About Carewise Health, Inc.
Carewise Health uses the most experienced nurse clinicians to carry out our Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity services to customers. They are backed up by data and behavioral scientists, engineers and information technologists to ensure they are using the most reliable data and the most advanced technology to support their efforts. Carewise Health has the experience to manage large, complex customers. Carewise Health has one of the largest data repositories and hubs to use in creating unique models and algorithms in support of our products and services. Visit for more information.

Kevin Scarborough

Chief Administrative Officer

Carewise Health, Inc.