Data Intake and Enrichment


Drastically Improve Your Results

Data is powerful. But to maximize its use, it must be well prepared. Unclean data can lead to inaccurate conclusions and misguided solutions. 

Our experts can clean and organize your raw data and return it to you for your own use. Data cleansing ensures your data set is accurate, complete and uniform – drastically improving your results.

Our data cleansing includes:

  • Detecting and correcting errors
  • Removing corrupt or duplicate records
  • Using proprietary algorithms to verify completeness of critical content such as member IDs, provider numbers, diagnosis codes, and procedure codes
  • Seamlessly linking disparate data sets to improve comparative analysis

Once a data set has been cleansed, data enrichment refines it to achieve optimal results. Our data enrichment process includes:

  • Augmenting data records with key information
  • Organizing data sets into a consistent format
  • Preparing data for more advanced analytics
  • Identifying and extrapolating key data for analysis based on specific client needs
  • Consistently tagging data to allow for meaningful benchmarks and comparisons

Data science consulting

If you have a need not covered by our predefined services, our data scientists stand ready to help. They can collaborate with business decision-makers, accelerate the deployment of your internal data systems or assist in a myriad of other ways.

Data Management

Our most important contribution to the data science of customers is SACIE (Security, Assembly, Cleansing, Integrity, Enrichment and Security – “SACIE”).  This proprietary approach takes customer data sets and ensures those data sets are cleaned, enriched and secure before any processing or analytics are applied to that information. Customers have the option to contract with Certilytics to provide only the Data Services module

This comprehensive product suite offers solutions to health plans, providers and employers as they adopt their business to more highly competitive underwriting, member engagement and payment reformation environments. Carewise Health maintains an ongoing research and development effort to provide customers with both standard new releases of products, as well as the capability to design and install customized features to each module. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Carewise Health provides products and solutions through a PaaS delivery method. This simplifies a customer’s path to rapidly deploy and utilize Carewise Health products in meeting their business and clinical objectives. Customers can efficiently provide data feeds and relevant data sets via Carewise Health’s secure data ingestion protocols; the data is cleaned and enriched. Regardless of what modules a customer has contracted for, we'll deliver results in a timely and confidential manner. Customer data sets only reside in Carewise Health’s secured data center based in Minneapolis, and no data is shared, transferred or accessed without explicit compliance to regulatory and customer contractual provisions.