Business Process Management


Business Process Management (BPM)

Carewise Health offers a BPM solution that takes advantage of advanced proprietary data assembly and analytic models to assist customers in re-engineering various operational processes primarily related to the delivery of their clinical programs and services.

Carewise Health assembles a unique data set that represents key historical and current operational data generated as a by-product of various processes. The BPM process identifies the critical business metrics related to the data and processes through designing key algorithms that reflect the process, key mapping of outputs and measurement features of the business process.

The analysis identifies key elements of the process to be re-engineered to specifications driven by customer objectives – financial, clinical and operational.

Uniquely, Carewise Health measures and tests key behavioral features of the customer’s team subject to the BPM project. This behavioral profile is then used to adjust the various process maps and organizational features that need integrated to processes.

Carewise Health provides new outputs and dashboards to govern the ongoing management and utilization of the processes in achieving key business objectives. The Carewise Health BPM process uses clean data, modeled processes, behavioral and process analytics to re-engineer key operating features of a customer’s business.

The Carewise Health BPM process can be used in conjunction with our Clinical Care Management and Payment Integrity products and services, and uses proprietary algorithms and models jointly developed with Certilytics, Inc.